In the begininng

So……..having recently been ‘switched on’ to the world of technology integration in PE I thought I would chronicle the journey I’m about to embark on.

Basically I’m a PDHPE teacher living and working in Sydney but hailing from Brighton in the UK. I qualified back in 1998 when I vaguely remember doing a computer literacy module and being introduced to this thing called ‘the internet’. Since that point I’ve been a very occasional user of ICT and mostly just for personal usage or maybe a bit of power point here and there.

Recently I was lucky enough to go to the PDHPETA conference and realised that my small morsels of ICT use in PE were ok but way behind the eight ball in terms of what others were doing. So thats when I decided to take this a bit more seriously and see just how technologically savvy a technophobe can become in a couple of years.

So the goal is this…….learn and integrate useful ICT innovations into my lessons to make them more engaging, productive and of course educational!!!

So far I’m getting to grips with QR codes, moodle, trialling different iphone apps, using GPS and accelarometers, twitter and instant video feedback. Hopefully the list will expand 10 fold as the next school year progresses but for now the holidays will be my play ground!

I should mention at this early point that a lot of my inspiration has come from a few forerunners in this area – notably – Mr Robbo- the PE geek, Jonseytheteacher, Whats Mr T thinking and Benpaddlejones. All of whom I will give links to when I have learnt about the correct ‘blog ettiquette’.

Personally, I’m all about sharing. So if you happen upon this blog and find it useful then feel free to pass it on!

Therefore I should probably sign off with something that I have been upto that might be of interest:

This term I trialled using QR codes in a softball lesson. I made up some really simple laminated cards (see link) with QR code links to videos of specific elements of softball. The pupils used their phone to view the videos then went away and practiced the skills. They found it easy to use and fun. I’ll try and post a video of it in my next post.

Year 7 – Softball Lesson with QR codes final


8 responses to “In the begininng

  • Mrrobbo

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I am honestly not exaggerating when I say it has provided me with countless opportunities. Look forward to following your journey

    • jammuir

      Thanks for the comment. The challenge for me will be to not just re -hash your ideas!!! By the way, I tried logging into ‘the zone’ but it wouldn’t work. Anyway, no bother I’m going to buy a licence and play around with it over the summer. Enjoy your summer break.

  • Jonesy

    As MrRobbo said, welcome to blogging. As a personal reflection tool it’s unbeatable, and we readers get the benefit of your insights. Everyone wins! Good luck, start your journey and enjoy the ride.

  • JT

    Good to see you’re giving the blogging game a go. I’ve only been at it for 6 months or so and have found it to be the best way of reflecting on my teaching as well as challenging me to explore new ways of doing things so that I have something to share with others.

    As far as blogging ettiquette, there’s two things I’d suggest 1) Don’t mention the Ashes and 2) Share and Share alike and give credit where credit is due and we’ll all be able to learn from one another by building a great network to learn from.

    Enjoy the journey. I’m looking forward to reading about what you get up to.


    • jammuir

      Cheers Jay. I might just have to mention something about the Ashes if we win the next test!!! I really enjoy reading your blog, so thanks for all the ideas so far – hopefully I’ll be able to give something back over the next year!


  • Dylan Blain

    Welcome to the world of blogging. It sounds like you’ve been busy already! Hope you find it as rewarding as I have. I’ve learned so much from following people’s blogs and always try to write when I get time in the hope that something I write will be of use! At the very least it provides me with a reflective journal of my progress, helping me think through what I’m doing.

    Look forward to following your journey, all the best?


    • jammuir

      Thanks for the comment Dylan. I’m looking forward to being ‘blogger’, hopefully it will motivate me to try lots of new things so I actually have something to write about!


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