Nice Tweets

6 months down the ICT in PE track and here is only my second post……..not for lack of wanting, more from lack of time – have you come become time poor in your teaching life over the past few years??

Anyway, I digress. So what have I done for the last 6 months? Have I actually integrated any ICT into my lessons? Has it been any good?

Throughout the summer holidays and the beginning of term 1 I found a very close friend in the form of twitter. My first thoughts…….how can reading people’s inane babbling about their lives possibly help me improve my teaching.? It didn’t take me long to find out that my twitter assumptions were way off the mark.

What I was introduced to was a small community of PDHPE teachers from across the globe who were freely sharing excellent resources that could be immediately applied to my lessons. In fact, I would estimate that I had something new to try in my classroom or add to my teaching at least once a day. So to that end I would like to thank and recommend the following  tweeters who have all provided me with new ideas and resources.

 The list is not exhaustive but is a good place to start.

 @benpaddlejones,@clarindabrown, @pdhpedotorg, @jaytrevaskis, @jonesytheteacher, @janice_atkin, @mrrobbo, @pipcleaves, #pegeeks, @TESconnect, @RO_teachers, @sport_ed

So what have I been doing in the classroom? Well, in the interests of keeping this post short and readable I will list some highlights with a view to write in more detail about them at a later date.

  • Using Prezi – for presentations for myself and with the pupils
  • Cricket coach iphone app for immediate split screen video analysis in PE lesson
  • Introducing a Facebook page for my 2unit HSC class (search HSC pdhpe)
  • Using flip camera’s regularly for analysis, marking and parent teacher interviews
  • Using the runkeeper iphone app for movement analysis and the beep test app for…..well the beep test
  • Using the interactive whiteboard to present notes, save and add to moodle
  • Using moodle quizzes for exams

……and so much more which has escaped my immediate memory!

Before I sign off I do have one ICT related question………….In a recent assignment for a year 8 PDH class we asked pupils to build a website through exe learning. However, this software seems archaic and outdated even to me. So my question is

What website building software do you use with your pupils?

So long and thanks for all the tweets!


One response to “Nice Tweets

  • Jay Trevaskis

    Good work. Ill have to check out the cricket coaching app. What website tool have you been using? I’m planning to use with my students next term. It seems pretty straight forward and uses templates to get the message across. I hope that’s helpful.

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