Download overload!

This may only be my third post but as I mentioned last time this is more a time constraint than a nothing to say constraint!

What is taking up most of my time of late?………technology!!! Or at least trying to keep up with technology.

So this all started with the goal to incorporate more technology into my lessons. This, I am happy to report, is going pretty well. However, my main problem has been the sheer amount of technology that is available to do this.

It seems that on any given day I stumble across an article or blog that has, what on the surface appears to be, a must have idea for my technology integration locker. Most ideas are spawned through my twitter network (thanks #pegeeks) but then one blog leads to another which leads to another and to another. By the time I’ve checked out one tweet suddenly half an hour has passed chasing and soaking up the flow of information that is available.

The problem is I’ve developed a real thirst for these ideas. I simply feel compelled to find out more and more which generally leaves me with a complete information overload. Obviously it’s not possible to trial every idea in the class, but which ones are the best ones?? Well I guess that is the whole point of this journey. Trial and error has always been my learning style of choice and so I shall continue in that vein.

Maybe you can help……..I’d really appreciate knowing what has been your favourite / most successful use of technology in the PDHPE classroom??

Some of the successes I have had include:

  • Using google docs and one note for collaborative learning
  • Setting up a facebook page for my HSC class (view)
  • Using mobile phones for feedback in practical classes (specifically with cricket coach app)
  • Using QR codes
  • Using dropbox for file sharing

Some I’m looking forward to incorporating in the near future include:

  • screenr
  • Dartfish

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