TGfU – a rekindled love affair

When I did my teacher training at The Chelsea School Of PE @ the University of Brighton back in 1998 I remember quite vividly the module we studied called ‘Teaching through the Game’.

Although I have tried to use that model of teaching in all my classes I have still found myself using the same old lessons and even reverting back to old skill /  drill format! Then my passion for the genre was reignited by a professional development day run by Greg Forrest from the University of Wollongong. Greg is a keen advocate for TGfU or Game sense as it is branded in Australia and delivered a thoroughly enjoyable course, including some essential new practical tips and ideas!

Then no sooner was I back into the throes of  developing new lessons around the TGfU model I had to take a forced sabbatical back to Blighty due to family illness. So when I saw a tweet from @MichaelAayres from St Mary’s University College, Twickenham outlining a free seminar on  ‘Revisiting  TGfU’ (Teaching Games For Understanding) with Professor Len Almond a couple of weeks ago I jumped at the chance to continue my development.

Little did I realise that Len Almond is one of the 3 Loughborough University professors who invented the whole model in 1982 which is now used in more than 58 countries around the world. (Just incase you are wondering – Spain apparently does it best). The seminar was a fantastic experience and completely rekindled my love affair with this style of teaching PE. Luckily the whole thing was recorded and will appear as a podcast in the near future (check back here for links in the next couple of weeks).

So now with the fire roaring in my belly and my continued ‘bit on the side’ with technology integration in PE my holiday challenge is to draft a KS3 program and scope & sequence which centre’s wholly around the TGfU model – and off course will incorporate the use of technology whenever possible / appropriate.

For those interested in learning more about the TGfU / Games Sense model here are 3 videos from Ausport.  Plus a paper from Greg Forrest et al @ UOW


2 responses to “TGfU – a rekindled love affair

  • JT

    It’s nice to have these moments when you get all enthused again about what you’re doing. I too have been experimenting and trying to work out how to use this method of learning more in my PE program. My aim for next year is to get my other faculty members exploring it too.

    I’d love to hear what you’re doing. I’ve found my students have been more involved and having more fun using TGfU in my lessons which is a win in itself.

    • jammuir

      After having these two great PD opportunities in close succession, then reading your post and then going to a session around TGfU at the recent PDHPETA conference I feel it is an idea worth dedicating time to. It just so happens that while I’m back here in the UK time is something I have!
      So I will attempt to draft a program which I (and the rest of the department hopefully) can trial next year.
      I’m sure it will be pretty rough around the edges until I can actually try it out but I’ll pass on anything I come up with.

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