Not the first cab off the rank (+ bam delay mirror app)

It’s been a long time between drinks……….but reading my old posts reminds me how important it is to reflect and share as regularly as possible.

We might not be the first school but we are now officially a 1:1 school as years 7-10 were rolled out with a rather nifty tablet PC this week.

To say I’m excited by the prospect is an wee understatement. I genuinely cannot wait to see how the pedagogy of myself and my colleagues shifts as we learn to incorporate the tech tools of today to engage our pupils and encourage their inquiry.

I now turn to my global PLN the #pegeeks to help develop my knowledge and practices to ensure my classes are fun, innovative learning experiences. A lofty ideal perhaps but no less than the kids deserve.

As always, I’d like to finish off with something to share…….so my favorite app for practical classes in 2012 has to be Bam Delay mirror.

This app allows you to film students with your iPad and delay the replay so pupils can get immediate feedback of skill execution. For example, set the iPad up at the end of a crash mat when doing vaulting in gymnastics. After a pupil completes their vault they can then walk to the iPad and view there technique making appropriate corrections with the guidance of the teacher or a peer coach for their next vault.



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