Global Instagram Challenge

My Year 8 class is currently studying a theory unit entitled Health Matters. Within this unit we have, so far, explored perceptions of health and the concept of good health.

We have enjoyed great debate around the 5 dimensions of health and, which, if any, is the most important dimension to attain / maintain good health – physical, social, emotional, cognitive or spiritual?

To start the topic I used the aged old continuum lesson –  giving students a random picture (generally postcards picked up from various cinema’s, shops etc) and asking them to place it on a continuum from good health to poor health and justify why they have placed it in that particular spot – e.g. “I placed this picture towards the good health end because it depicts a couple holding hands. Therefore, they seem to be in a loving relationship and that makes you happy which is good for your health”. You get the idea.

So I wanted to embed some technology in the lesson and I’m also really keen to create a ‘global connection / audience’  for the kids.

So I have asked the kids to take a picture of anything that they believe represents good health. I want them to put it on Instagram with the hashtag #5dimensionsofhealth and then a second hashtag with the dimension/s it represents e.g. #physical

It would be soooo good for the kids to see pictures / comments from around the world on the #5dimensionsofhealth hashtag. So please join us in our Global Instagram Challenge and let’s get the kids thinking good health.

#5dimensionsofhealth #physical #social

#5dimensionsofhealth #physical #social


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