1:1, onenote and video analysis in the PE classroom

Since our school went 1:1 I have been looking for opportunities to utilise the laptop tablet device in the Physical Education setting effectively and to add value.

This term I feel I have found a unit that lends itself perfectly to this. (Although there is ample room to accommodate the laptop into practical classes, it has been mainly lack of time in my own prep and lack of available time in the lesson that have been my main barriers).

The class is Year 10 PASS (Aus equivalent of GCSE PE), the unit is Enhancing Performance which requires pupils to develop a deep understanding of rules, techniques and tactics of a chosen sport.

The sport we have chosen to study and participate in is 2 v 2 volleyball (Beach volleyball without the beach) played on a badminton court.

What we’re doing.

I have a set up a shared onenote that all pupils have downloaded to their laptops. The onenote has an open section viewable to all pupils where all information for the lesson is laid out. Pupils (in their pairings) also have one section each that is password protected. This stops other groups from writing in their space but allows me access for assessment purposes.

Volleyball onenote screen shot



Our first two lessons have been focusing on technical skills required in the game.

When pupils come into the gym they go to the shared onenote page. On that page they find instructions for the lesson

e.g. Lesson 1 had a video embedded of how to perform a dig and a set correctly. Students were required to watch the video and then construct a marking rubric that highlighted the main points of the technique (e.g. Watch the ball, correct body position etc). Students were then required to video themselves, utilising the record video feature in onenote, performing the technique. When completed, pupils watched their video back, compared their technique against their marking rubric and self assessed themselves. Noting areas that needed to be improved.

This format was repeated for the basic ball hitting skills in volleyball.

Our next progression was to record video of the pair playing a game of 2v2. This was achieved by placing the laptop on a chair and once again using the record video feature in onenote.

After playing the game pupils were asked to review their video and analyse their technical skills within the game answering questions such as…..Does my technique change in a game environment? If so how? And why? What steps can I take to improve my technical efficiency with in the game? Are there any techniques that need improving to improve my success in the game? Are there any further skills / techniques that I need to give me an advantage in the game?

All questions can be answered directly into the onenote page next to their video.

Once this is completed the process of checking both their technical proficiency and their self-evaluation of their technical proficiency is simple. I am also able to leave comments and feedback either after the lesson or in real-time.

Future lessons will be based around tactical comprehension and gamesense and we will also utilise kinovea (a video analysis software which allows annotation of videos) and go pro cameras to get a players eye perspective to give a critical eye to decision making processes within the game.

Thus far the unit is progressing well and pupils are beginning to build a much deeper understanding of their own abilities within the game and how to improve them.

I’m excited to see where the unit goes in the next few weeks.



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