Coach’s eye in athletics units and beyond

This  year I brought a nexus 10 to replace my dead iPad and have found it fantastic.

One of the best free apps I started with was coach’s eye. Although I had it on the iPad (paid) I had never got around to exploring its capabilities fully. Mainly because I had such a glut of video analysis apps.

So this year, this is the only app I currently have installed and it has been the perfect tool in many classes.

Although there are many features (which I still haven’t fully explored) its most attractive and useful feature has been the  scrolling playback bar. This allows you to scroll through footage frame by frame both forwards and backwards uitlising super slow mo to a accurately pinpoint all stages of a technique or play for deep analysis.

Recently I used it in an athletics unit where the students could not get enough of performing, viewing, correcting /improving and reviewing. I wish I had more than one tablet to use!

The improvements in all pupils technical understanding and acquisition was incredible and process was quick enough not to impede on lesson flow.

If you don’t have it already, do yourselves and your pupils a favour and download coach’s eye.


p.s. make sure you have plenty of safety mats when teaching high jump


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